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Li Liu - Lead Singer, Composer, Arranger, Lyricist (Taiwan)

Benjamin Holt - Guitar, Composer, Arranger (Canada)

Rhythm Section:

Pepe Valdez - Nylon String Guitar (Peru)

Dan Porter - Keyboards (America)

Dave Farrell - Bass (Canada)

Jonny Harmon - Drum (America)

Horn Section:

Kevin Swaim - Trumpet and Arranger (America)

Julian Sutherland - Saxophone (America)

Kenny Davis - Trombone (America)

Background Singers:

Joy Silmon-Harris - Voice (America)

Darian Brooks - Voice (America)

Dorcas Kemi Oladimeji - Voice (Nigeria)


Trio Resonance

(Noe García Jacinto, Zhi Li, Héctor Alfonso Torres-González)

Special Guest:

Nick McLean - Trumpet

The Crew:

Jane Nguyen, May Lee - Front Desk

Daniel Pardo - Sound Engineer, Audio Recording

Willy Chen - Videographer

Ryan Ramsey - Lighting

Joel Olivas - Projector Mapping

1.Tango Cha / 傷心舞曲恰恰恰

Original song written by Li Liu that uses the latin rhythms of Tango and Cha Cha. The lyrics describe early stages of a romance.

You said "Life is hard, life is a struggle"

You said "Life is nothing but pain."

Your eyes stared at

the naïve girl in front of you

It has happened before

The tenderness of your words

Have shown the clue

I asked "how lonely is your days"

I said "life is full of pain"

Moonlight falls on the serene lake

Feel the breeze, see the drizzle

What should we say now


The guy in my dream comes to me

Feel the wind

Blow over my heart

Little by little

I love you more and more

You and me

Will never have to sing this sad tango cha

你說 多少日子難耐寂寞

噢你說 生活多麼的苦痛

目光 徘徊在眼前天真浪漫的女子

是似曾相識 是柔情蜜意 早已洩漏痕跡

我說 看那玫瑰片片飄落

噢我問 如何能化解苦悶

月光 它緩緩灑落靜謐清澈的湖面

是輕輕微風 是陣陣漣漪 到底該說什麼

一天天 夢 夢中的人來到身邊

一陣陣 風 吹亂我的心窩噢~

一點點 愛 愛上層樓愛上了你

你和我 從此以後永遠不會再有一天唱起那首

噢 傷心舞曲恰恰恰

2.Summer Ride / 夏日騎乘:

An original up tempo swing tune written by Li. The chords are based on Charlie Parker’s classic tune Confirmation. Li’s composition adds in some unique twists and turns in the harmonic structure that make for a fun challenge from the soloists Dan Porter and Ben Holt. The lyrics are inspired by Ben’s recollection of traveling around Li’s home country of Taiwan on motorized scooters during their 2018 tour. Ben was amazed by the hustle and bustle in the dense cities of Taipei and Kaohsiung .

Oh, how come, my neighbor's black cat

Lingering around at my front door

Is it showing me  the bad luck

噢, 莫名其妙 鄰居的黑貓 在門口

地毯上徘徊也 趕不走

噢, 怎麼這樣 打開了背包 找不到

能夠立即解渴 的靈藥

需要 一把鑰匙

帶我 穿梭

在巷弄小路間 吵雜大道旁

一直到你的心上 (Ah~~)

Hey, 知不知道 任性的驕傲 帶不走

曾經那種心動 的美好

Hey, 知不知道 透明的膏藥 才能夠

把心痛的感覺 治好

3.Flying / 飛呀

An original song by Ben and Li. The song uses scat syllables only during the verse and Li’s Chinese lyrics in the chorus that describe the sensation of flying. Recorded at Record Chamber in 2017.

也許只要有一天 so I think in my mind, maybe one day

我也能夠 像你一樣 I can be, I can be just like you

自由 as free as you, freedom is all we need

4.Shake Off the Dust / 歎息

This is an instrumental song by the great jazz drummer and composer Herlin Riley. Li added original lyrics in Mandarin and gave the song an uptempo samba feel. Our trumpeter Kevin Swaim composed the horn lines.


突然發現我把鑰匙 忘在客廳的桌上

這樣已經不是第一次 我看著天空


隨著微風輕輕飄動 讓我想起了什麼


推開了門 玲瑯滿目的商品

滿天星乖乖還有 牛奶糖!

全部我都 非常的喜歡 才發現口袋裡沒半毛錢

不要不要我不要 今天真是糟透了 怎麼聽到相同的嘆息聲


隨著微風輕輕擺動 看著彼此的眼睛

你說 我聽 其實 沒什麼


給你 乖乖 你說 好不好

從今 以後 天天 都乖乖

哎呦 哎呦 真的 沒什麼

5.Searching / 尋覓

An original jazz ballad by Li Liu. It’s about the search for peace within oneself.

When you find the memories searching

Through the day, through the night, find peace


風吹過大地 揚起一片塵土

空蕩蕩的你 不自覺地起舞

不必 在意誰的眼光

去歡快 或憂傷


紅色的地磚 反覆踢踏出聲響

朦朧的片段 就是雲中的光

不用 再流浪



No more wondering,

Or searching…….

6. I Remember You / 深愛的陌生人

Classic jazz standard with original lyrics by Li.

I remember you, you're the one who made my dreams

come true, a few kisses ago

I remember you, you're the one who said

I love you too, I do, didn't you know

I remember, too, a distant bell

and stars that fell like rain out of the blue

when my life is through, and the angels ask me

to recall the thrill of them all, then I shall

tell them I remember you

你並不陌生 你就是那個讓我美夢

成真 的那個人

你並不陌生 (在)幾個親吻前曾告訴我

愛我 的那個人


叮噹鐘響 響徹了廳堂

當回去的日子 一步步靠近 我會記得

不迂迴了 你就是


7.Heart in Sorrow / 一剪梅:

Our first ever composition. This piece that inspired our band name. An original jazz waltz with lyrics from ancient Chinese poet Li Qing Zhao from the ancient Song Dynasty.

Lotus flowers are wilting and autumn plaited straw mats chills through,

I remove my silk robe and alone I board a canoe.

Who is it that correspondence send darting through clouds?

By the time I've written a reply, high above the west chamber hangs a full moon.

Flowers wither and petals fall while water takes its course,

Lovers harbour the same yearning, when apart both hearts melancholy brew.

Futile are means to clear the head of sentiments so blue,

One may ease the frown, only to find the heart in sorrow drowns.






去學校的路 很久沒走

最近也換了 新的工作

所有的追求 是不是缺少了什麼

想像著生活 風平浪靜

打開了窗戶 突然想起

你在的世界 會不會很靠近水星

看魚仔 在那 游來游去 游來游去

我對你 想來想去 想來想去

這幾年我的打拼跟認真 都是因為你

花在風中 搖來搖去 搖來搖去

我對你 想來想去 想到半暝




未來多美好 不想要一個人承受

我需要你 需要你 需要你陪伴我

好想要你 想要你 想要你陪著我



9.Ai Ta (Love Him) / 愛他:

This song began as an impromptu improvisation live on a gig. We were playing duo and decided to improvise something. Ben turned on the recorder on his phone. What you hear on this recording is basically a transcription of what we played on that gig. Li’s lyrics are the same and the form and guitar riff are the same. This was spontaneous and happened after the album was already finished. We loved it so we booked another session and brought in Mike Luzecky, Dan Porter and Jonny Harmon to play it with us. Kevin Swaim wrote horn parts. This song features and amazing solo by Luzecky.

I call him, he never answered

I texted him, he never read

How come he never replies

How can this kind of person exist

I call his mom

I call his sister

But he has too many sisters

Maybe I'm also one of them


I don't wanna hear it

I don't wanna hear it

I don't wanna hear it

I just love him

Love him with all my heart

Love him

Love him with all my heart

I just love him

Love him with all my heart

Love him

I just love him

Love him with all my heart

His eyes, his eyebrows, his nose , his ears, his lips, his hair

打電話他不回 傳簡訊他不回

為什麼都不回 這種人真的存在

打電話給他媽媽 打電話給他妹妹

但是 我也想不清 他到底有幾個妹妹

而我 我也只是 其中一個 其中一個

而我 我也只是 其中一個 其中一個


我不想聽 我不想聽 我不想聽

我就是愛他 愛得不可自拔

愛他 愛得不可自拔愛他

我就是愛他 愛得不可自拔


我就是愛他 愛得不可自拔

愛得不可自拔 愛得不可自拔

我就是愛他 愛得不可自拔

他的眼睛 他的眉毛 他的鼻子 他的嘴唇 他的耳朵 他的頭髮

10.Gold Wraps Silver/金包銀

別人的性命 是框金又包銀


別人呀若開嘴 是金言玉語

阮若是加講話 唸咪就出代誌

怪阮的落土時 遇到歹八字

人是好命子 阮治在做兄弟


人在江湖 身不由己

雖然是做兄弟 阮心也真稀微


過去啊的往事 不敢提起

想要回頭走 怎樣會無勇氣

11.Fa Su Ha (Under the Blossom Tree) / 花樹下:

Hakka Song. Music written by Yu-Wei Hsieh, lyrics by Xiu-Ru Gu. It's a song about reminiscing the old times.

FaSuHa. Have you ever heard it before?

FaSuHa, where blossomed with flowers

When people passing by

Those red, white Tung flowers

Falling down in front of you

Falling down on your shoulder

Falling down on your foot

FaSuHa, where has a Hakka blue shirt shop

FaSuHa, there’s an old Hakka tailor

Those blue shirts always made by him

Those young ladies who always wore them

Just like flowers in front of the shop

So many of them

That it’s too hard to count















Thank you for coming!

We’ll see y’all in the next one!


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